Citat fra Layer Cake (2004)

When I was born,
the world was a far simpler place.

It was all just cops and robbers.

Fucking get down! Get down now!

And you! Stay down! Stay down!

But it wasn't for me.

Then came the Summer of Love.

Hashish and LSD
arrived on the scene.

There were villains
locked away for 12 years...

... for robbing a bank of 10 grand...

... doing time with drippy hippies
doing 12 months...

... for smuggling two million quid's
worth of puff.

I mean, work it out, mate.
We're in the wrong fucking game.

Drugs changed everything.

Always remember that one day this
drug monkey-business will be legal.

They won't leave it to people like me
when they figure out...

... how much money there is to be
made: Not millions, fucking billions.

Recreational Drugs plc.
Giving people what they want.

Good times today, stupor tomorrow.

But this is now.

So, until prohibition ends,
make hay while the sun shines.

I'm not a gangster.

I'm a businessman whose commodity
happens to be cocaine.

Ten years ago, Charlie was for pop
stars or a celebrity's birthday bash.

It was demonized by Daily Mail
readers getting drunk in wine bars.

Now they're my biggest clients.

This is Clarkie. Double first
at Cambridge in Industrial Chemistry.

Well, he's gotta pay off
his student loan somehow.

Today, I only deal in kilos.

Depending which tariff you use...

... that'll cost you either 28 grand
or 15 years in prison...

... which is more time than a rapist.

C'est la vie.

It is vital that we work
to a few golden rules.

Always work in a small team.

Keep a very low profile. Only deal
with people who come recommended.

It's like selling anything:

Washing machines,
handmade shoes, blowjobs.

As long as you don't take the piss,
people will come back for more.

That's not to say we don't weave that
magic that makes two kilos three...

... but never be too greedy.

Know and respect your enemy.

It is only very, very stupid people
who think the law is stupid.

And avoid like the fucking plague...

... loud, attention-seeking
wannabe gangsters...

... in it for the glory, to be a face,
to be a name.

Fra Layer Cake (2004). Filmen er værd at se hvis man er til action.